trust me. i got you.

I've been doing this a long time so here's some advice to help your day go smoothly.

Lehigh Valley Moody Wedding Photographer
Lehigh Valley Moody Wedding Photographer
Lehigh Valley Moody Wedding Photographer

01. Do a first look!!

Excuse me, Lauryn? How dare you tell me what to do! It's my wedding day!

This is true. I will OF COURSE support you and help you create your timeline if you'd like to stick to tradition and have the ceremony be the grand reveal. However, it's highly beneficial to do a first look earlier in the day. Why, you ask? Here we go..

  1. It's an adorable and private moment. There's something very special about it just being the two of you (and me, of course). The reaction is sincere without having to worry about who's watching you.
  2. By doing a first look, you allow us time to complete your couple, bridal party, and family photos before the ceremony (I call this the trifecta). This means that once the ceremony is over you can actually attend your cocktail hour and go mingle with your guests which frees you up for more dance time at the reception!
  3. It gives us WAY more time to get photos. I recommend 2.5-3 hours to complete the trifecta. It can get chaotic trying to cram it all into one hour and you for sure won't get nearly as many couple photos (which I think are the most important of the day).

Alright, I am done with my rant. I clearly am a big fan of the first look. It really does help with the flow of your entire day.

Lehigh Valley Moody Wedding Photographer


Does the hotel you plan on getting ready at have ugly carpeting? Does it have a minimal amount of natural light? This is going to show in your photos. The getting ready location is where I will take all of your detail shots (including the shots of your dress) not to mention all of your hair and makeup/ bridal portrait shots. Consider renting a cute AirBnB instead. Something with character, charm, and big windows are always a plus! You won't regret it. It really makes a huge difference.

Lehigh Valley Moody Wedding Photographer

03. DON'T GO LAST for hair & makeup

Have yourself penciled in to go last for your hair and makeup? Bump yourself up to third to last. Hair and makeup can run behind schedule and when it's time for your first look I will need you to be ready to go, not your maid of honor. Plus you'll look great in the getting-ready shots and it gives you time to let everything set and do a few touchups!

Lehigh Valley Moody Wedding Photographer


Make sure your florist drops off your flowers early enough that they will be available for the detail shots in the morning. I love to get shots of your rings with the bouquet. Speaking of rings! Make sure the best man doesn't have the rings in the morning. I will need them for the detail shots. Also, ask your florist if it would be possible to throw in a few loose flowers or greens for me to use in my detail shots. Never hurts to ask!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need any guidance!

That's what I am here for.