Why professional wedding photography is so important

When you're planning your wedding, I know how much effort you put into the details. You've spent hours searching for a florist who will create your dream cascading bouquet, you've tasted 17 different kinds cake (nom) to find the perfect flavors, don't even get me started on the hours you've put into designing your invites, hand making signs, and choosing the colors of your linens! Trust me, I get it. I've been there. All of these things are incredibly important factors for ensuring that your wedding is exactly how you envisioned it would be and that you and all of your guests can enjoy the beauty of your day. At the end of it, though, that's all you get, one day. This is why it's so important to find the right photographer who you trust to capture all of your amazing moments. Here are some reasons why you should leave it to the professionals.

Importance of wedding photography

We tell the story of your day

A wedding photographer's main goal is to have you look back at your photos and relive your big day. From morning hair and makeup prep with mimosas to the last dance of the night, your photographer will want to document all of the big and (more importantly) small moments. All of those little details I listed above that you put your heart into creating, they want you to have photos to remember how beautifully it all came together. It's only one day and you will want these memories forever.

We keep you on time

Think we just pick up the camera and meet you at the wedding? No way. Wedding photographers take the time to create a custom timeline for their couples so everything is planned out and there are no (unwanted) surprises on the big day. We've been doing this for a long time so we have a good grasp on how long things take and are able to keep the day flowing and make sure you're not feeling rushed. Wedding photographers just want their couples to enjoy their day.

You know you're getting quality

When you hire a professional, you know you are in safe hands. They have shot many weddings and have learned how to find good locations for photos (even if they have never shot at that venue before), adapt to timeline changes, challenging lighting, and tons of other obstacles. Because they have experience they are ready for anything. Feeling awkward in front of the camera? Don't fret! They know how to pose you, guide you, and make it fun.

You can also rest assured knowing what to expect when you receive your gallery. Wedding photographers work hard to make sure their brand and style are always consistent so that their couples know what kind of photos they will be getting. This is why it can take months to get your photos back, they put lots of love into their editing process to make sure you get the high-quality photos you deserve. (Side note - this is why it's important to find a photographer with a style that you love.)

Importance of wedding photography
Importance of wedding photography
Importance of wedding photography

Overall, I know it's easy to want to take the cheaper route and have your friend with a nice camera take your wedding photos. I can't stress enough that it will be well worth your money to prioritize professional photography in your budget. I honestly believe that photography is the most important priority as it allows you to relive the little details of the entire day and experience those emotions through beautiful images, but hey, I might be biased.